training for BC Bike Race


Indian Ocean


Thunder clapper

Good thing I brought my umbrella.

Views this week

Cajun Style Cajun Style winter Southern Utah shade. Southern Utah sun. Santa Fe, no shade. Santa Fe, with sun. Ron Jamis. Really. Cap’n & Tobin. […]

Lost in the crowd

West wind kept me company going East.

The Bus

Has lots of stories to tell. They all start out by mentioning the exhaust leak.

Intelligence Quiz

I keep failing. Who follows those who lead into that?

30 minutes with my European mistress

Only takes 2 minutes to get down to business once that front door opens. She’s a lusty gal. We don’t hang out much, just when […]


Jan vs Oct. I wonder what it like in this spot in April? I know in May it was green. But was it dry?

Red Neck Rush Hour

It was dang’d busy out there on the dirt roads of Cache Valley.

Not a tshirt. Not a pair of socks

But a beer and a glass to drink it in, courtesy of Moose’Cross in Idaho.

Idaho brap

I rode from home to Victor, ID, via a few dirt roads, one that turned to trail, and some regular bi-ways. My legs and body […]