A bushel of chips

Vemont 50. Big BBQ cook out left me with chips and fruit to eat…and a few cans of coke.

there’s a gator in the pool, sir

I cant remember what day or what hotel we were at, but it was something like day 4 of Guana Ride. I went to breakfast […]

its 90* at 9am

jDunn prepares the beer for the Rapha GR, PDX.

this was not a race car

THE HHR rental car has the worst ratio of attitude:horsepower of all the rental cars I’ve had in awhile. The eBrake is weak, too. Not […]


. I’m not sure who put this card on my bike, but she rode 125miles with me that day. The card, not the person who […]

its cold at high altitude

This is stage 4 or 5 of the 2010 Breck Epic. My hands were frozen and the lungs weren’t too happy, either, at 11,000′. That’s […]

#3. Third the turd

Chequamegon. Losing sucks.

Keep it tight.

42t chain ring rolls tight on the 29′er.

An Italian in a Canadian WC

C$ always sends me photographs. Not many are of Basso, however.

Street tires on gravel, my eyes aren’t on the road.

My 2nd moto ride ever was from Colorado Springs to home in Utah, almost 600 miles. I’d never riden a moto on dirt, much less […]

Big Dump Truck.

Little Boy. Big Dump Truck. But, no scooper?!