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training for BC Bike Race


Indian Ocean

Thunder clapper

Good thing I brought my umbrella.

Views this week

Cajun Style Cajun Style winter Southern Utah shade. Southern Utah sun. Santa Fe, no shade. Santa Fe, with sun. Ron Jamis. Really. Cap’n & Tobin. And free Shiner @ RHR. I hope I never need to race there again.

Lost in the crowd

West wind kept me company going East.

The Bus

Has lots of stories to tell. They all start out by mentioning the exhaust leak.

Intelligence Quiz

I keep failing. Who follows those who lead into that?

30 minutes with my European mistress

Only takes 2 minutes to get down to business once that front door opens. She’s a lusty gal. We don’t hang out much, just when we need a quick ride.


Jan vs Oct. I wonder what it like in this spot in April? I know in May it was green. But was it dry?

Red Neck Rush Hour

It was dang’d busy out there on the dirt roads of Cache Valley.

Not a tshirt. Not a pair of socks

But a beer and a glass to drink it in, courtesy of Moose’Cross in Idaho.

Idaho brap

I rode from home to Victor, ID, via a few dirt roads, one that turned to trail, and some regular bi-ways. My legs and body were cashed, and then it was time to race a pair of ‘cross races.